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Making the invisible God, visible .

About His Walk Media

What does it look like to see God walking?

Our goal through His Walk Media is to show the footprints of  God in every aspect of life.  Yes indeedy, God walks!  He walks towards us, with us and often times, He walks carrying us.  Have you ever wondered what that looks like?   Well, we are dedicated to showing God’s walk toward and with us.


We use Scripture to tackle and find answers for some of the most challenging social issues in our nation today. Through stories of triumph, unforgettable speakers and spectacular live events we encourage, empower and leave our audience in awe of God.  In print, on video, in person and here, online, we hope you’ll join us on this most amazing journey!


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About Kim



You know, I've done a lot of things in my life.  Some great and some not so great. But I must say, my greatest accomplishment in all my days has been getting to know God for who He really is. The more I got to know God for who He is, the more he showed me who I really was and am.  Now my heart's desire is to share what He has revealed to be true about himself to others while living a life that demonstrates what He has revealed to be true about me.



After her broken relationship with her father was restored. Kim remembers,

            "I kept saying to myself, 'I wish there was a program that

             could have helped my dad be a better man when I was a


From that moment on, Kim was on a mission to help men better connect with their children. What started as an effort to encourage men to become more engaged fathers, developed into a full-scale initiative to build better men.

"I didn't hear any female voices advocating the intrinsic value of healthy men in families, communities, society, or our nation, and I couldn't stand it," Kim says. "I knew there had to be a female voice that stood in a place of victory and wholeness to explain the pain and consequences of allowing men to stay broken." She continues, "And before I knew it, I had become that voice."

Kim is the publisher of The Walk magazine and produces The Walk video series. Weekly, she mentors young women and men to pursue God and impact their generation with power through the Kingdom purpose for their lives.

About Our Team


Director of Intercession

Communication is the golden thread that runs throughout Cheryl’s personal and professional life. Both communication with people and communication with God through prayer are where she finds her joy. As she transitioned through her professional life from Speech Pathologist to Television Host, to Minster, to Marriage and Family Therapist Cheryl derived her greatest satisfaction in the process of interpersonal attunement. 

Among the joys of her current profession as a psychotherapist, she has the privilege of walking alongside a person on their path to discovering their personal strengths. So many of us are unaware of our own resilience and value - spotting a hidden treasure within another is her favorite undertaking. Cheryl is the Associate Director of the Christian Counseling Center in Connecticut.

Cheryl supports parents in their effort to work together as partners in creating a healthy family structure.

 Blessed by the unwavering love of her Heavenly Father, her earthly father, and her husband of more than 30 years, Cheryl has a profound appreciation of the immeasurable value of a Daddy. Bolstered by her own blessing Cheryl pours her passion into validating and encouraging men to live out their greatest calling in their fatherhood.

Cheryl and her husband John have two young adult sons.


Board Member

Cecelia (Cece) Jones-Davis is a native of Halifax, Virginia, and a graduate of Howard University and Yale University School of Divinity, and the esteemed Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Worship, and the Arts.


Devoted to her first call as a worship leader, Cece believes strongly that worship is a Christian’s response to God’s love that reaches beyond the four walls of the local church. She believes that true worship involves witness, which leads to advocacy for human beings on the margins of society. This conviction is the foundation for her HIV/AIDS ministry, as well as her passion to address issues impacting women and girls globally. 


As the founder of Sing For Change, an initiative that mobilizes faith-motivated musical artists and communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS nationally, Cece is committed to the message of Christ’s love and compassion for all people.   She is also the facilitator of the Women & Girls Working Group, which raises awareness regarding issues impacting female reproductive health globally. Cece currently works for the Obama Administration in Washington, D.C. 


Known for her eclectic personality, singing, and ability to connect with others, Cece is humbled to be a servant in her community. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, Mike and their daughter, Halo and son, Honor.


Board Member

Ronald has provided transformational leadership to high-needs schools for 17 years. Beginning as a teacher in the NYC Department of Education he strategically moved into administration and became a high school Principal before the age of 30.


Embracing the principalship fully, he now leads a large comprehensive high school in the Lower Hudson Valley and has moved the school towards graduation rates that are the highest for the school in over a decade. Ron's leadership stance is rooted in organizational structures that maximize human capacity, empowering students as stakeholders in the change process, research-based instructional practices, and implementing an educational vision the entire school community embraces.


Ron's foundation in God's promises and knowing that in putting Him first, all things will be added to him, drive his daily decisions. Ron serves his home church of Living Word Christian Church in White Plains, NY in many capacities and loves extending his hands to love others.


Board Member

Steve Knowles has 35 years business experience in media and finance. He began his career with CBS Inc. at CBS-owned WEEI Newsradio in Boston and rose quickly through the ranks to become the youngest General Sales Manager at CBS Radio.

Steve remained with CBS in several executive capacities. CBS sold WEEI, and Steve stayed with the station as part owner. In 1984 Steve became Director of Eastern Sales at the fledgling Telepictures Corporation in New York where he oversaw the company's television syndication operation in sixty cities.

Eventually, the company became a division of Time-Warner. After a successful ten-year tenure at Time-Warner, Steve was sought after by Carsey-Werner, to help establish a national program syndication division.

In his television career, Steve syndicated over 100 different program offerings in over 150 American cities. In 2002 he left media to pursue other ventures. He owned a printing company before joining Wells Fargo Advisors and later Diddel & Diddel Wealth Strategies. Steve co-founded North American Power, a Connecticut based green energy company, and currently serves as Area Director.

Steve graduated from Indiana University. He has four children and resides in Fairfield, CT.


Board Member

Lowes Moore a humble man from the housing projects of Mount Vernon, is now successful and “giving back” in his current role as the Executive Director of the Mount Vernon Boys and Girls Club.

The New Jersey Nets drafted Moore, a graduate of Mount Vernon High School and West Virginia University, after receiving All-American honors in his senior year. He played three years in the NBA with the Nets, the Cavaliers, and the Clippers. He also spent five years in the Continental Basketball Association. The legendary Phil Jackson and the controversial Bill Musselman have coached him and in return, he has coached basketball on various levels from high school to professional.

Currently, an ordained Elder Moore established a program called the Hoop School, where he and fellow professional athletes conducted motivational speeches and workshops for adolescents, parents, and coaches.

Raised by his amazing mother Jeannette Moore, Lowes was also guided by a mentor and father figure, James Jones, then the Director of the Mount Vernon Boys Club.  Today Moore continues to utilize some of the same leadership principles he learned while under the wing of Jones. Moore has been a leader of men and young adults in the Mt. Vernon Community for many years, working diligently to cultivate strong and healthy men of great character.


Moore resides in Mount Vernon, NY, with his wife of 30 years, Patrice and their four children.


Board Member

Joe is a self-described entrepreneur, “herder of cats” and “part-time Mad Scientist”.  He is the Managing Director of Charles Gryffin Associates, a boutique professional services and consulting firm, which seeks to identify emerging technologies and provide connections to the leadership that is needed to make those technologies ready for practical use in specialized markets.


Joe has started multiple businesses over the last 25+ years, ranging from a software company that provided equipment & process control software to the microelectronic manufacturing industry to an investment bank that pioneered a new business model for licensing intellectual property.  Despite the wide range of his business ventures, one thing remained true in every case – Joe was always amazed and humbled by the high quality of people who were willing to follow his vision and work with him to make them real.


Early in his career, Joe was granted four U.S. patents for advanced manufacturing methods that are still used today in the creation of microchips at the heart of most computers, smartphones and tablets. 


Joe has a degree in Astronautical Engineering from MIT – so he actually is a bonafide “rocket scientist”.  He is married and is the father of 3 children.  He resides in Westport, CT.

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