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Muzikowski was born in New Jersey, attended Columbia University where he played football and rugby, and temporarily left the university to start his own trucking company when the family ran low on money after his father died. On his way to undergraduate and master’s degrees, he abused alcohol and drugs and nearly lost everything. He recovered with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, a renewed faith in God, and wife Tina,


In 1988, the Muzikowskis moved to Chicago. One morning as Bob jogged past a vacant lot, it dawned on him that his new neighborhood, the infamous Cabrini-Green Housing project area, could use a Little League program. In 1991 he launched the Near North Little League with the help of Al Carter, an African-American neighbor who shared his passion for the game.


The men’s presence is necessary, Muzikowski says, because “good men, married men, need to be there and set the examples. We have men that succeeded that I coached 13 years ago who are now back, married, with kids. These are the models.”


Today, the Near North Little League has grown into The Hope Acadamy a college prep high school in Chicago's west side.​


Pastor John F. Hannah is the founder and senior pastor of New Life Covenant Church Southeast (NLCSE) in Chicago. He has authored two books titled “What to Do While You’re Waiting” and “Desperate for Jesus,” which reached a No. 1 rating on’s new releases list in its debut. 


For 13 years, Pastor Hannah hosted the “John Hannah Morning Show” on radio station Inspiration 1390 in Chicago which garnered him a Stellar Award in 2013 for Gospel Radio Announcer of the Year.

Pastor Hannah is sensitive to the ills and the needs of Chicago and at the request of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, he serves on the Human Resource Board for the City of Chicago and the Civic Consulting Alliance for the Chicago Public Schools.


Pastor Hannah and his wife Anna have been married for over 22 years.

In Chicago’s East Garfield Park, where disinvestment has left the neighborhood devoid of opportunity and full of broken dreams, Breakthrough is restoring the broken networks of youth and families and empowering adults in the community to achieve self-sufficiency and break the cycle of poverty.


Breakthrough partners with those affected by poverty to build connections, develop skills and open doors of opportunity.


GOD:  We recognize that Breakthrough is God’s mission

PEOPLE:  We respect the dignity of all people as image bearers of God

RELATIONSHIPS:  We build bridges that connect people

REDEMPTION:  We want everyone to experience the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ

STRUCTURE:  We value structured environments that foster personal growth

COLLABORATION:  We cherish our partnerships with others

COMMUNITY:  We aim for positive community relationships

RACIAL JUSTICE:  We celebrate the many as one 

Dr. Webster also serves as the founder of Men’s BOOTCAMP, a ministry that seeks to disciple men and reconcile them to God, family and the community.  Since its inception, BOOTCAMP has successfully ministered to hundreds of men at 5:45 a.m. and has now expanded to include a component for marriages, singles and youth.

He has authored a book entitled "Small Change, Great Impact". The book contains practical principles to help men and women make lifestyle changes that will bring them into a closer and deeper relationship with God.

A pastor, businessman, philanthropist, songwriter, mentor and spiritual coach, Pastor Corey B Brooks Sr. answered his call to the ministry at the age of 19 and received his first pastorship at the age of 23 at Mt. Moriah Church in Richmond, Indiana. At 27, he went on to pastor West Point Church in Chicago, Illinois, demonstrating an electrifying style of preaching and teaching that gave birth to a revolution four years later!

Worshipping in a facility that houses a private Christian school (K-8th), state of the art music/dance studio and a fitness center, Pastor Brooks has become a millennium catalyst for social, spiritual and economic voids in Urban America.

A pastor to pastors, Pastor Brooks has ministered internationally in Asia, Africa, and South America; he is frequently called upon to teach church planting strategies, leadership and urban ministry development locally and nationally.

At the very core of the Children’s Equipping Center (CEC) is our mandate to establish a culture that equips and releases children to be devoted to God and live in His love.


Our desire is to see children all over the earth involved in the prayer movement and moving in signs and wonders. To this end, we have set in place priorities and programs that will pass on the biblical values of prayer and the Word of God, which are foundational to night-and-day prayer.


The heart of our vision is to intentionally develop opportunities for children of all ages to be equipped to heal the sick through the laying on of hands; to prophesy, preach, and teach; to give from their heart to the poor; to worship, and to evangelize the lost. Finally, we want to provide opportunities for them to express and grow in their gifts and develop as musicians, singers, and prayer leaders.

With Pastor Bill Winston as the visionary, Living Word Christian Center leads several ministries outreaches to Chicago's inner city.


These ministries not only minister to the needs within the local/universal Body of Christ, but also to the unsaved, unloved, and hungry in our neighboring communities. These ministries vary in their assignments and services, but as a whole work together to carry out the "Great Commission". Jesus always ministered to the needs of the people. As one man of God said, "you can't clean a fish before you catch it". We see these ministries as nets that spread from our church to the world.

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